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I asked my mother to describe me with a couple words. She replied: driven... leader… and SPEED.

At a young age I would obsess over cars and motorcycles.  Anytime I saw a motorcycle on the street id tell them to pop a wheelie. By the time I was 7 I was pushing myself to the limits whether it was jumping my BMX bike or skating at the skatepark.  Then at the age of 9 my dad bought me a dirt bike. which to a couple of gray hairs later my mother would have regret.  Growing up it was sports and bikes and I decided at an early age to stick with football over riding.


After moving out of my parents house I decided to purchase myself a 2017 GSXR750.  I’m thankful I rode with the people I did because they steered me into the right direction and not towards the deep ocean(turning into a squid). After only about a month or 2 of riding I hopped on the track and immediately fell in love.  I progressed very quickly and learned that this wasn’t just my hobby but my passion. For riding so little I did not know what to expect with my first race season in 2020.  My first ever race was a disaster.  I pushed myself way to hard and had the mindset of I NEED to win. I made a ton of mistakes and came to the paddock with my head down.  A fellow racer and friend Grant Lancaster came up to me and told me to relax and just treat it like a regular track day and to just have fun.  Go out there and ride your race and do it with a smile under your helmet.   With the next race being Middle weight super sport(the meat grinder) that’s exactly I did. I have learned and progressed a ton from my first race weekend to my last one, going 5 for 5 and winning every race.  This sport is one that no matter where you are, a new track or in another state its one big family.  That’s what I love most about this sport. The people in it.  I’d say There’s 24 hours in a day and I’m thinking about racing for 25 of them.


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